Cut Jarvis Hayes

Why the Wizards Should Cut Jarvis Hayes

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jarvis Hayes against the Cavs

I have been calling for the removal of Jarvis Hayes since he was drafted... he has been given way too many chances and he never does anything of any consequence. (Well, there was those THREE difference maker shots in the first game of this season against the Cavs which he missed even though he was wide the fuck open. Ivan Carter of the WashPost says of one of them"Hayes's shot came with seven seconds remaining and also was as wide open a look as a player could hope for.") What did Hayes have to say for himself? "Those were good shots, shots [Hayes] make nine times out of 10". Oh sweet, the other nine times he makes them, but when the Wiz need a shot, he can't perform.

Oh well, he is right though, it was only just one shot... at least the Wiz didn't work super hard to get back in the game and he missed shots to take them out of the game again... what's that article from the WashPost? Oh he did? Hmm... after the Wiz tied the game at 89 "Hayes missed consecutive jump shots on the next Washington possession."


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