Cut Jarvis Hayes

Why the Wizards Should Cut Jarvis Hayes

Thursday, February 08, 2007

And the Momentum is Picking Up!!! Thank Goodness.

Big Jarv is catching heat from everywhere now... and for good reason, his ineptitude is shining now that Big 'Tawn is down and Hayes actually is being asked to do significant things. Instead, he is being his usually inconsistent self.

Here are two links that please

This one talks about the Sonics game, in which Jarv actually made the Wiz much worse. Calvin "Old Dog" Booth comes in and turns the tide for the Wiz easy win:

This one elaborates on Hayes ineptitude as shooter, rebounder and defender:

Thursday, January 25, 2007

ESPN Daily Dime Chimes In With Good CBJ Commentary

Granted, this is from the December 27th Daily Dime, but still...

Tuesday's Worst

Wizards forward Jarvis Hayes: When the Big Three for the Wiz is on, Hayes could miss 20 shots and still win. Tuesday, Arenas-Jamison-Butler was very much on fire, so Hayes could miss all seven shots in a 116-101 win over the Grizz. No problem at all.

(Props to Zombie Squirrels for pointing this out.)

Magic of the Wizards overshadowing Big Jarv's Patheticness

Sorry for the long pause... the Wiz have been playing so well of late that Jarvis cannot screw up the game.

Also, gets some love from the Wizznutz. Big up!
(peep the December 18 post here

Hallelujah Hollaback.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Five Guys Drafted 30th or Below in Draft 2005 Who Would Totally Mop the Floor with Jarvis Hayes and Maybe at the Least Provide Some Kind Of Spark Off the Bench

1. David Lee, NYK - Well, the Wiz got a first row seat to the David Lee show last night; this guy is pure Pepco Energy
2. Andray Blatche, THE WIZ - This guy shows potential to improve; JH shows potential to get injured again
3. Ryan Gomes, BOS - Totally awesome
4. Ronny Tauriaf, LAL - Starting to come into his own, we can see the potential even after a year off and serious heart surgery; needless to say, he has more heart than Jarv will ever possess
5. Mile Ilic, NJN - This guy also showed us what he can do as the Nets rolled over on the Wiz

Big Jarv With Another O-fer

Jarv goes 0-6 from the field last night with 0 points and 1 turnover. Great night there. Meanwhile, David Lee, drafted 30th overall in 2005, (Jarv was 10th in 2003) shows why he is already at least 50-75 times better than Jarvis. Hustling plays, banging under the boards, big shots to gain momentum, etc. These are things that could be listed as non-examples of Jarvis Hayes. When the Wiz could have used some spark off the bench last night, JH comes in and gives nothing. What is he doing on the roster?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

5 NBA Developmental League Small Forwards Who Would Be Better For the Wizards

1. Andre Emmett- averaging over 12 points a game, this guy can fill it up
2. Marcus Douthit- would add power underneath and more defense than Big Jarv knows about
3. Bimbo Carmona and Shawnson Johnson- since Big Jarv doesn't do that much, at least the Wiz could have these two guys and their incredibly awesome names manning the bench
4. Bryant Matthews- I am pretty sure this guy averaged 70 points at VT (don't worry about looking it up, I am almost positive)
5. Party John Ramos- Wiz should have never given up on this guy in the first place; re-sign the Party John and Cut Jarvis Hayes and balance will be restored

What A Game!

Big Jarv goes 3-8 from the field (against the hapless Pace-cars on 11/8) and finishes with 6 points in a 30 point blowout. He logged 26 minutes. Again, Big Jarv takes up time and space on the roster and contributes nothing. He's like the veteran relief pitcher who your team signs because they need someone to "eat innings"... except this is basketball and there are a limited number of spots on the team. Why not Cut Jarvis Hayes and sign a sweet ass role player like a consistent three-point threat or a defensive stopper?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jarvis Hayes = Kevin Young

Hayes can be compared to A-Rod in a way... although his 9.whatever points per game and 4.whatever rebounds might be looked upon as good for a bench player, he does nothing that would resemble a basketball play that aids the Wiz-Kids in winning a game.

Okay, so he shouldn't be compared to A-Rod because A-Rod puts up HUGE numbers and actually does help his team win (even though disgruntled NYCers would have you believe otherwise, they are only scared of his bare-chest in Central Park on game day)

So to whom, praytell, can we compare Mr. Jarvis "Take Up Space and Abe Pollin's Money" Hayes? I have the perfect solution and will stick with the baseball theme... You find an answer in Kevin Young, former first basemen for the Pittsburgh Pirates. You see folks, the story of Kevin Young should be a cautionary tale to the Wizards. Kevin Young was with the Pirates when they made their last playoffs and he just kinda stuck around... go ahead, look at his stats but they will tell you nothing... the perfect description of Kevin Young is this: double with a man on second to drive in a run in a meaningless game that has already been won or lost by the actual players on the field. You always heard though that Young "has a real good glove at first base"... what in thee hell does that matter if you are the Pirates?

I do not know why players like Young (and there are many more in all of sports) stick with one team for so long, but the Wizards can nip this one in the bud. The Pirates have not had a winning season in over 13 years... Do you want that to happen to the Wizards?

Cut Jarvis Hayes.

Five Backup Small Forwards Who Would Totally Embarass Jarvis Hayes and the Attributes That They Possess That Hayes Does Not:

1. Harrick Warrick, high flyer can grab rebounds and is super quick
2. Ryan Gomes, tough inside player can battle for rebounds or step out and hit a jumper
3. Steve Novak, deadly three point shooter who lanky frame makes him a good defender
4. Donyell Marshall, this dude is just totally sweet
5. Clifford Robinson, come on now

Jarvis Hayes against the Cavs

I have been calling for the removal of Jarvis Hayes since he was drafted... he has been given way too many chances and he never does anything of any consequence. (Well, there was those THREE difference maker shots in the first game of this season against the Cavs which he missed even though he was wide the fuck open. Ivan Carter of the WashPost says of one of them"Hayes's shot came with seven seconds remaining and also was as wide open a look as a player could hope for.") What did Hayes have to say for himself? "Those were good shots, shots [Hayes] make nine times out of 10". Oh sweet, the other nine times he makes them, but when the Wiz need a shot, he can't perform.

Oh well, he is right though, it was only just one shot... at least the Wiz didn't work super hard to get back in the game and he missed shots to take them out of the game again... what's that article from the WashPost? Oh he did? Hmm... after the Wiz tied the game at 89 "Hayes missed consecutive jump shots on the next Washington possession."