Cut Jarvis Hayes

Why the Wizards Should Cut Jarvis Hayes

Thursday, November 09, 2006

5 NBA Developmental League Small Forwards Who Would Be Better For the Wizards

1. Andre Emmett- averaging over 12 points a game, this guy can fill it up
2. Marcus Douthit- would add power underneath and more defense than Big Jarv knows about
3. Bimbo Carmona and Shawnson Johnson- since Big Jarv doesn't do that much, at least the Wiz could have these two guys and their incredibly awesome names manning the bench
4. Bryant Matthews- I am pretty sure this guy averaged 70 points at VT (don't worry about looking it up, I am almost positive)
5. Party John Ramos- Wiz should have never given up on this guy in the first place; re-sign the Party John and Cut Jarvis Hayes and balance will be restored


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