Cut Jarvis Hayes

Why the Wizards Should Cut Jarvis Hayes

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Five Guys Drafted 30th or Below in Draft 2005 Who Would Totally Mop the Floor with Jarvis Hayes and Maybe at the Least Provide Some Kind Of Spark Off the Bench

1. David Lee, NYK - Well, the Wiz got a first row seat to the David Lee show last night; this guy is pure Pepco Energy
2. Andray Blatche, THE WIZ - This guy shows potential to improve; JH shows potential to get injured again
3. Ryan Gomes, BOS - Totally awesome
4. Ronny Tauriaf, LAL - Starting to come into his own, we can see the potential even after a year off and serious heart surgery; needless to say, he has more heart than Jarv will ever possess
5. Mile Ilic, NJN - This guy also showed us what he can do as the Nets rolled over on the Wiz


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ESPN's Daily Dime offers more support for your argument.


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